Some Tai Chi Chuan Classics, Tia Chi Chuan Classics

Tia Chi Chuan Classics

Wu Yi Xiang



When one begins to move, the entire body should be light and flexible and the movement must be continuos. The Chi should be expanding with vitality and the mind should be in tranquility.

There should be no gaps nor unevenness nor interruptions. Your feet are the root of strength which passes through the legs, is controlled by the waist and finally emerges through the fingers. Your feet, legs and waist should be coordinated so that (in moving) forwards and backwards you have good control of time and space.

Without this control of time and space in all movements– up, down, left, right, forward and back–your body will be in disorder and the fault must be found in the waist and legs.

All these principles concern with the Will rather than merely the external

Inasmuch as there is up, there is down, front and back, left and right. The Will to go up implies the Will to go down. If you first lift, then push something, its roots, or center of gravity will be broken and it will undoubtedly be destroyed very quickly.

The positive and the negative must always be clear. Every movement has its positive and negative. Positive and negative are the foundation of all the movements.

There should be continuity throughout the movements of the entire body. Let there not be the slightest breakdown.