Unit 5- How will you use assessment to help learners improve?


  • The purpose of this unit is to help you to begin to realize how to use assessment to help learners improve.


Assessment is critical to help students improve.  Formative assessment takes place during each week/module/unit with guided feedback. Summative assessment occurs at the end of each week/module/unit with guided feedback.

Learner self-assessment at the completion of activities helps them learn how to assess themselves to continuously improve, as opposed to rating and comparing their activity of with other learns.Learners need to know how to identify gaps in their learning to improve. They need practice identifying what they have learned, what they need to learn and how they will learn.

Activities that are assessed need to be authentic, diverse, flexible, and relevant. Learners need to know why and how they are being assessed a and how it relates to helping them improve. Assessment details, criteria and measurements should be clearly described in the beginning of the course.

Align assessments with learning outcomes

Do your assessment activities help learners improve and reach your learning outcomes?

  • Alignment helps learners clearly know what to do during the activity and assessment.
  • Alignment helps learners reach the course outcomes
  • Alignment helps you plan assessment activities
  • Alignment helps you develop assessment criteria and strategies to help learners improve.

Online courses need to be ’constructively aligned’ to help learners imporve and reach the course outcomes. Constructive alignment means that all aspects of your class – from learning outcomes, content, resources, activities and assessable projects – are all directly related to each other, and support learner improvement throughout the course.

Assessment is typically a series of progressive activities that act as stepping-stones that allow students to gradually build, apply and evaluate knowledge, with each task directly relating to particular learning outcomes.

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessment encourages the integration of teaching, learning and assessing.

An authentic assessment includes;

  1. an authentic task for students to perform,
  2. rubric/scoring guide by which the performance on the task will be evaluated.

The Understanding Form

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